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Kim O'Malley
9/72 Park Rd
Bulli 2516
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0406 005 631
Bulli & the Northern Suburbs

"Kim's professionalism, care and attention to detail never disappoint - a truly wonderful massage. I highly recommend Kim."

Rhonda Swan, Bulli

Are you experiencing Back or   Muscle Pain? Headaches? Or Stress?

I can help

A therapeutic Remedial Massage can relieve muscle tension and address your area of concern.  Let me help you to achieve & maintain a supple, comfortable body, so you can have the freedom & flexibility to enjoy your life to the fullest.

  • 18 years experience

  • Friendly, Professional Service

  • Clean, Quiet, Comfortable rooms

  • Flexible hours

  • A Quality Massage every time

Massage Styles

  • Remedial Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Shiatsu

  • Reflexology

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Therapeutic Massage

  • Sports Massage

  • Swedish Massage

Remedial Massage

Remedial means to remedy, and remedial massage can assist with many soft tissue problems & musculoskeletal conditions.

  • It relieves & releases tight, contracted muscles, leaving you feeling vital & supple.

  • It revitalizes your blood circulation & lymphatic function, resulting in a stronger immune system & more radiant complexion.

  • It can ease chronic pain, help with the healing of injuries & is especially helpful for postural & work related conditions.

Therapeutic Massage

I also offer Therapeutic massage for Relaxation & Stress Management. Making time for a regular Therapeutic massage is a very smart move and will pay dividends in the physical & psychological benefits you will gain.

These days many women operate under such high levels of stress, that their bodies are continually experiencing a 'fight or flight' response, causing their systems to pump out damaging stress hormones such as cortisol, which can contribute to illness, burnout & premature aging. A regular Therapeutic massage can interrupt this process, reverse these effects, calm & nurture your body & give the stimulus for your body to relax & recover. A Therapeutic relaxation massage will leave you feeling relaxed & peaceful, with a sense of calmness & total wellbeing.

Experience Therapeutic Healing Touch & Profound Relaxation.

Book today & feel better tomorrow ~

Call: 0406 005 631

1 1/2 hr massage $110
1 hour massage $75
1/2 hour massage $40

All Health Fund Rebates & Gift vouchers available

What Clients Say:

"I work a fast paced and sometimes stressful life in the nursing profession and it is often hard to stop and relax but after a treatment with Kim you realize that there is more to life than speed!! Kim is magical, highly professional and generally great at what she does"

Sharon Stewart,

"During the last 8 years, Kim has massaged me through sad times, happy times & everything in between. Kim's professionalism , care and attention to detail never disappoint. She is amazingly intuitive and I believe that this is part of her gift in delivering a truly wonderful massage, be it relaxation or remedial. I can genuinely recommend them all. Kim is a very warm and caring person and this is reflected in her work. I highly recommend Kim."

Rhonda Swan

"I go to Kim for pain relief & to keep me supple so that I can do my job effectively. I do a lot of work at the computer, so by the time I see Kim for my fortnightly massage, my shoulders are killing me & giving me gyp. She gives a really good massage & afterward my neck & shoulders are freed up and I feel a lot better - really relaxed. Its really nice that she works from home - its lovely & tranquil, soft music - the sort of nice environment I like to come to & she's flexible with the hours she works. I like her & trust her & it's nice that we can have a really good chat. To me, my regular massage is not a luxury, it's a necessity!"

Lorraine Smart


"When I first went to Kim, I was feeling very run down & overstretched and decided to do something just for me. I’ve been having a fortnightly massage for 2 yrs now & I have such a feeling of anticipation beforehand for the lovely hour I have to look forward to. It’s so good to forget about the outside & just have ‘me’ time. Afterward, I feel so calm & relaxed – a lovely quiet feeling within myself & as though a great weight has been lifted from me. Kim is very sensitive to exactly what I need & I feel very comfortable with her & able to express my needs & feel she really listens. When I come away, I feel blissful – on cloud nine – completely relaxed. That’s what I go for & that’s what I get – and then some! Having my regular massage makes me feel more motivated & gives me back my ‘get up and go’, I sleep better, my skin which is very dry, feels hydrated & I just feel so good."

Margaret Johnson
Diversional Therapist


"I go to Kim for pain in my lower back & I always get great relief. I like the way she is flexible at delivering different styles of massage to suit my needs. Kim is very attuned to how much pressure to use & she’s never rough. Even though I’m having remedial massage for pain relief, it’s still very relaxing & when I come out I feel like all my tension has been taken away. I also really appreciate how respectful Kim is of my modesty & she always covers me in such a way that I never feel exposed or uncomfortable. I’m very happy with the way Kim massages. She makes me feel really comfortable & at ease & she really ‘hits the spot’."

Gail Headington
Office worker


"My massage is a great release for me. I have a lot of back problems & it keeps my back straight, helps me sleep, feels really good. It lifts my mood & provides a sanctuary from the rush. Kim is a true professional & is great at her job. She keeps me on the straight & narrow physically & mentally & after my massage I always feel centred & really great. I like that it's women only & I always feel comfortable going there. She never keeps me waiting & is always ready at the door with a big smile. Nothing is ever a hassle."

Barb Criddle


"When I first went to Kim, I was having very severe headaches & painful neck tension that medication would only relieve temporarily. After only 2 sessions, my pain eased & my headaches have not returned. I now have a monthly massage for maintenance & I also enjoy the time out. My neck feels nice & free after my massage & I feel really relaxed & calm. I feel very comfortable & at ease with Kim. I've had massages in lots of other places, but have had far more benefits going to her & I like the way she really concentrates on my problem areas & works out all my knots.

Robyn Armstrong
Pharmacy Assistant
Fairy Meadow

Diploma of Remedial Massage
Cert IV Massage Therapy
Shiatsu certificate
Diploma of Reflexology
Trigger point certificate
Swedish certificate
Snr First Aid Cert
Member of ATMS - 17171

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